About Chora

Chora Ltd. was founded on February 2014 with its main purpose the distribution and trade of Greek Superior Quality Organic Products in the German and European markets.



CHORA company executives possess several years of extensive experience in the food sector. In additional they are being active in international trade activities for more than 10 years (since 2003).
Taking advantage of our knowledge and experience, we cooperate with exceptional and reliable companies which produce on our behalf Greek Superior Quality Organic Products.



The philosophy of our company is based on respect. Respect for our customers, our suppliers, our staff. Respect for our social surroundings and for the environment. And, finally, respect for our products. This philosophy is the motive in our effort to offer quality products, produced by diligent producers for conscientious customers.

Our aim is to create relations of trust with everyone doing business with us, from our suppliers to the final customers and organic products’ retailers. Our company invests in personnel that embraces values like reliability, seriousness, transparency, ethos, directness and quick reflexes.

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