Direct to the market

Direct to the market:

One of the main advantages of our company is that our products are distributed in the German and European markets without any intermediate companies.

All of our products are cultivated and packed for us directly by local producers.

This way, products arrive earlier to the final consumer, having retained all their nutritional value, while our company can achieve competitive prices to the benefit of the final consumer.



Cultivating – Civilization:

Many of the methods used for the cultivation and production of our products, come from a long tradition, which includes the Ancient Greek and the Byzantine civilization.

This happens because our producers saw that these methods fit perfectly in their effort to produce Greek Superior Quality Organic Products. Therefore, there is a bridge stretching through time to link antiquity with today, through the use of agricultural practices and also through the products themselves.

(In the future, it is probable that  combined actions will be organized that will include visits to cultivating sites and production facilities as well as cultural visits to nearby archeological sites.)



Biological conscience – sustainable development:

Our company shares a deep organic conscience with our producers. All the procedures implemented in all production stages, are founded on this conscience, Furthermore, all cultivating and production procedures are chosen so that the products are grown and produced is a sustainable manner for the environment and generations to come.



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