Quality assurance

Our company and partners perform systematic quality controls in every step of production and transportation chain, in order to be able to guarantee the quality of the products we offer from the field to the shelf.




Our promise is to offer products of excellent quality with a fair value for money ratio. We strongly stand by our motto: “Excellent quality in the best possible price’’.


Mission – Quality of Life:

Products from different regions are different. Even products of the same variety, present totally different e.g. taste or quality characteristics, when grown in different regions. This is mainly due to two reasons:

The first is that the microclimate, the terrain and the ecosystem with which the product interacts and in which it grows is different for each region.

The second is that the people cultivating or producing the products follow different methods and use different techniques.

In that mindset, we consider our products to be the most suitable of “carriers” for the Sun, the clear blue Skies, the fresh breeze from the Seas and the rich unspoiled Soil of Greece to the final consumer. Each moment of their existence, our products interact with the Greek environment and collect the Sun, the Air, the Sea and the Terrain of Greece, to help them grow. This interaction, together with the special care provided by our selected producers, make our products unique, and give them all those distinctive nutritional characteristics that are so valuable for our health and our quality of life.